Please Bring:


-A sweatshirt or Synthetic Insulating Layers (even on sunny days)

-Rain Jacket (even on sunny days)

-Rain pants or full foul weather gear pending weather

-Drinking water

-Snacks or lunch in a small cooler


-Rubber boots or footwear that can get wet and protect your feet from fish or hooks (NO Marking Soles).  Rain boots work great.



-Motion sickness medication if prone (take one hour before leaving dock), see link below.

-Children ages 12 and under MUST wear a life jacket at all times to comply with USCG regulations.  Lifejackets are provided but you are welcome to bring your own.


Note: Being on the water tends to make you hungry and exposure to sun along with the constant motion can dehydrate you.  Prepare yourself by adequately hydrating prior to your trip.  Avoid alcohol which can worsen dehydration and lead to seasickness.  There are NO refunds for seasickness.  

Prone to Seasickness, check out this link:


What NOT to bring:

-Bananas (Bad Luck)

-Black Soled or any Marking Shoes/Sneakers/Sandals

-Spray can/Aerosol Sunscreen (makes boat deck slippery & dangerous)

-Glass Bottles

-Styrofoam Coolers

-Illegal Drugs

-Cigarettes or Cigars (No Smoking allowed)

-Hard Liquor

-Excessive baggage or clothing (storage is very limited)

-Anything that can easily blow away (scarfs, sombreros, your Kentucky Derby Hat, etc.)

-Expensive jewelry or watches

-Large coolers over 24"  or 65 quart size (please leave in car)

-You do not need a recreational fishing license on a charter

-Bad Attitudes


Note: There is no head or bathroom facility aboard the "Ryesing Son".  We have two very fancy buckets if needed.