Insurance & Licensing

Monomoy Sportfishing is fully insured by Ocean Marine Insurance Company, fully licensed by the United States Coast Guard, and specially permitted to operate in the Town of Chatham.


Fishing Licenses

Monomoy Sportfishing’s charter boat license covers everyone on the vessel during for-hire charters.  You do NOT need to purchase a saltwater fishing license.  


The Fish

Clients wishing to take fish should bring heavy duty zip-lock bags and a suitable cooler with ice to preserve the quality of the fish.  Please inform the captain prior to your charter if you desire to take fish home.

Striped Bass:

Current state of Massachusetts regulations allow for the keeping of one 28” or greater striped bass per angler on board.  If you would like to keep fish for consumption, you may take your legal limit as whole fish.  The captain will fillet up to two fish per charter group if desired.  Additional gratuities are appreciated for fillet services.    Bring a large cooler, at least 36" wide inside dimension, if you wish to take whole striped bass.

Black Sea Bass:

Current state of Massachusetts regulations allow for the keeping of five 15” or greater black sea bass per angler on board from 5/18 - 9/8.  You may take your legal limit as whole fish.  We do not filet black sea bass.  Please bring a cooler and ice if you wish to take black sea bass.  



Monomoy Sportfishing is an ecologically minded business and strictly forbids the illegal practice of high-grading.  While one striped bass per angler is allowed, we encourage patrons wishing to take fish to only take what they think they may need for immediate consumption.  Responsible harvesting helps preserve the populations and ensures an enjoyable fishery for generations to come. Due to a downward trend in striped bass stocks, we encourage you to harvest no more than one striped bass per trip. 


Drugs & Alcohol

Hard alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are strictly forbidden aboard the vessel.  Glass bottles are not allowed on board. Canned beer is allowed. If you choose to bring beverages, please choose cans or plastic bottles.  Drinking alcohol prior to your charter is generally a bad idea....we try to keep chumming to a minimum ;)


Cancellation Policy

For full refund, 10 Days cancellation notice is required.

Any cancellation within 10 days for any reason will require payment in full.

We fish rain or shine and up to 25 knots of wind at the captains discretion.  Safety is priority.



While payment in cash is preferred, checks can be made out to Monomoy Sportfishing. 

Credit Cards are not accepted.



Gratuities are greatly appreciated and can be added to your chosen form of payment at the completion of your charter.



U.S.C.G. law dictates that all children 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times while on board.  We encourage bringing and wearing your own life vests or we will provide them for you.  Please inform the Captain prior to the charter of your children's ages and approximate size.


Smoking is PROHIBITED aboard the vessel.